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The Little Pocket Book of Empathy

Enrich your life through compassion and kindness

Discover how to create a deeper connection with everyone around you to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Empathy—the ability to understand another person’s feelings as if they were your own—is not always an innate skill, but is one we can develop, and if we do, we can reap the benefits, enhancing the life of everyone around us and as a result improving our own wellbeing, too. When we learn to empathize, we can live compassionately, not only sharing in other people’s emotions but also wanting to help and support them when they face pain or hardship. In becoming more compassionate, we can learn self-compassion, too, being kinder to ourselves when we struggle or make mistakes. The Little Pocket Book of Empathy explores how we can be more empathetic in everyday life. With suggestions for small shifts in attitude and stories of how showing how a little kindness and understanding can transform situations, as well as practices that can make us feel more socially connected, this beautifully illustrated handbook offers guidance, inspiration, and hope.

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