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The Little Black Dress

How to dress perfectly for any occasion

This invaluable guide will solve the perennial “What to wear?” problem for women everywhere.

Starting with the design classic the LBD, with tips on how to wear it and how to adapt it, Tracy Martin ensures you will look the part with Audrey Hepburn perfection. Read on to discover how to wear all your wardrobe well —from all styles of dresses, to suits, skirts, and shirts, and even underwear. Choose the right handbags and jewelry to accessorise with flawless precision and finish off every outfit with the right pair of shoes. Whatever the occasion—from workwear to weddings—and whatever your mood, you can put together an outfit with confidence and ease, knowing you have just the right picture-perfect look. This is a must-have guide for every woman, which will enable her to perfect her wardrobe and dress with confidence and style.

Tracy Martin has a passion for fashion. She has featured in and contributed to both specialist and mainstream publications, writing features on design, style and fashion. Tracy often appears on television, including appearances on ITV’s This Morning, Storage Hoarders and The Alan Titchmarsh Show, where she features fashion accessories. She travels worldwide conducting lectures on the history of fashion as well as what we should be buying now as a fashion investment for the future. Her books include 'The Bare Essentials', and 'The Little Black Dress' (CICO Books), 'High Heel Heaven' (Ryland Peters & Small) and 'Collectable Names and Designs in Fashion'. The author is based in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK.

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