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The revisions for this third edition cover key digital issues, such as the Copyright Office's new online registration process; post-9/11 rules for shooting in "sensitive" environments; and updates to right of privacy laws. Not only can this book save thousands in attorney's fees, it also explains how to find good legal assistance when necessary. Readers will find information on:

--censorship and obscenity
--the rights of privacy and publicity
--organizing as a business
--tax deductions for the home office
--relevant court cases
--photography organizations
--releases, contracts, and other forms

Anyone involved in a small business should always keep this close at hand. Provides, in a very usable way, essential information about questions such as organizing a business, making a business plan, borrowing money, issuing stock, contracts, collecting, consumer protection, employee relations, and much more. It also advises how, if necessary, to choose an attorney or an accountant.

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