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The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie

Illustrated by Clare Elsom

This hilarious picture book reminds readers that being polite can go a long way!

There is one chocolate chip cookie left--and Jack is ready to eat it! But then his mom reminds him of his manners. He must offer the cookie to EVERYONE else first. So Jack offers it to all sorts of people--he even goes to space and offers it to an alien! But the alien doesn't want to eat the cookie--he wants to eat Jack!

Jamie Rix is the author of 40 children's books by publishers such as Random House,
Orion and Walker. Winner of the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Festival, he has
also had a successful career in children's television. He
worked on The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury, which won the BAFTA for Best
Children's Drama in 2008. However, nothing Jamie has done has ever prepared him
for the thrill of watching children believe his stories. He never knew lying could be
so much fun!