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The Kar-Chee Reign

Earth is flat, empty, weary, and bare.

Her children, too, had left her, all but a few who lived peacefully off the land. And then came the Kar-Chee, to crack Earth open and suck out what remained of her richness, threatening the twilight of th old planet with an evil beyond anything that had gone before. With them they brought their servants, beasts so creul and horrible that men could recall their like only from ancestral nightmares, and named them “Dragons . . .”

“An erudite and splendidly written novel, full of adventure and mythical lore.” ?Publisher’s Weekly
“Avram Davidson, to me, combines many talents and attributes, including imagination, style, and perhaps above all, wit.” ?Ray Bradbury
“A powerful fantasy novel inspired by the legend of the dark ages which saw the poet Vergil as an all-powerful sorcerer. The climax pits Vergil against the demonic powers of the Phoenix, the great bird which rose reborn from its own ashes.” ?Bluebook
“An incomparable fantasy that turns history slightly askew and evokes a marvelous Never-Never land.” ?American News of Books

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