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The Island Under the Earth

Earthy, hot-tempered Captain Stag followed a simple man’s quest; Tabnath Lo the trader was driven by obsessions; the enigmatic augurs Castegor and Gortecas manuervered toward secret ends; and around them all the Sixlimbed Folk massed in hatred and plotted barbaric vengeance...

“A world of living legend peopled by centaurs, golems, harpies, and primitive but shrewd humans...I was completely caught up in the saga.”
Fritz Leiber

“It’s always exciting to discover a new dimension in the work of a writer you think you know pretty well. The Island Under the Earth reveals that Avram Davidson is at one of those points of discovery and renewal.”
Peter S. Beagle

Avram Davidson was a Hugo Award-winning novelist, short story writer, and essayist. With nineteen novels and hundreds of short stories and essays to his name, he won the World Fantasy Award three times. His science fiction and fantasy works are considered a cornerstone of their genres.

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