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The Incredulity of Father Brown

One of Britain’s finest mystery authors brings us the third installment his Father Brown mystery series. In this collection of tales, we once again encounter Father Brown, a wise and resolute Catholic priest, as he solves mysteries and problems in his early twentieth century town.

In The Incredulity of Father Brown, Chesterton brings us a variety of brand new tales of mystery for Father Brown to solve. First in “The Resurrection of Father Brown,” Father Brown finds himself solving a mystery at a funeral . . . his own! Next, a mysterious arrow falls from the sky, terrifying the townsfolk in “The Arrow from Heaven.” Then, the Catholic priest must discover the truth of a supposedly prophetic dog in “The Oracle of the Dog.” Finally, Father Brown battles a curse surrounding a medieval gravesite in “The Curse of the Golden Cross.”

Follow along with G. K. Chesterton’s Father Brown as he once again solves the mysteries that stump and stupefy the members of his community. Young or old, religious or secular, everyone will enjoy the tales of the wise old priest in The Incredulity of Father Brown.

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