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The Hypochondriac's Handbook

Syndromes, Diseases, and Ailments that Probably Should Have Killed You By Now

Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Sure, everyone gets sick sometimes, but do you realize that plenty of those folks also die slow, unpleasant deaths from diseases that stumped even the experts at top-notch (still privately run) hospitals? That’s right: There are plenty of illnesses that even physicians have never heard about. Nodding Disease, Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, and Cutaneous Horn (yes, you grow a horn) are all featured here in pithy, energetic entries. You won’t have to worry about socialized medicine if you have this book—even if your doc could see you within a month, you might die due to his ignorance. Lucky for you and your loved ones, Ian Landau (who has no medical training but is a hell of a researcher) includes:

  • Descriptions of each disease
  • Background and history
  • How to diagnose yourself and others
  • Suggested treatments
  • Prevention methods
The book is not for the faint of heart, as it probably could cause cardiac arrest. (And you ain’t coming back from that without Ian’s help.)