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The Human Son

Published by Solaris
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

500 Years In The Future, Earth Is A Paradise... Without Us.

The Earth was dying, and only the Erta could save it. Created to be genetically superior, hyper-intelligent and unburdened by the full range of human emotions, they succeeded by removing the cause: humans.

Now the Erta are faced with a dilemma—if they reintroduce the rebellious and violent Homo sapiens, all of their work could be undone.

They decide to raise one child: a sole human to decide if we should again inherit the Earth.

But the quiet and clinical Ima finds that there is more to raising a human than she had expected; and there is more to humanity’s history than she has been told.

Adrian J Walker was born in the bush suburbs of Sydney, Australia in the mid-'70s. After his father found a camper van in a ditch, he moved his family back to the UK, where Adrian was raised. The End of the World Running Club is an international bestseller and was featured on Simon Mayo's Radio 2 Book Club. He lives in Aberdeen with his wife and two children.

The Human Son delivers a story that fosters a curious mind and an open heart, questioning and inspiring both without judgement.” -- SciFiNow

– SciFiNow

“There's a dark note of comedy... but things soon take a turn for the profound." -- SFX

– SFX Magazine

"A prevailing mood of ironic charm." -- The Times

– The Times

“This impressive, surprisingly hopeful take is as rigorous as a thought experiment as it is delightful as pure entertainment.” -- Publishers Weekly starred review

– Publishers Weekly

“Enthralling from the opening line, The Human Son is grounded and heart-rending, a human and hopeful entry to the library of post-apocalyptic literature.” -- Aurealis

– Aurealis

The Human Son is a novel of emotional depth and maturity, handled by a writer at the top of his game, tackling philosophical topics with page turning effortlessness.” -- Storgy Magazine

– Storgy Magazine