The Heritage Cookbook

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About The Book

Over 100 million Americans go on some sort of diet each year, searching for that single elusive meal plan that will result in optimal health. But it’s clear that a one-size-fits-all diet simply doesn’t work--we are just too different from one another to follow the exact same diet and see identical results. How is it that some people thrive on a vegetable-centric diet, or can drink milk without gassiness or bloating?  An important factor in what makes us unique is the genetic variability we’ve inherited from our ancestors, and what our great-great-grandparents ate could have a bigger impact on our health than we once thought. The Heritage Cookbook will help make sense of how our ancestors’ genes affect our health today.

As New York Times bestselling author Russ Crandall searched through his own genetic heritage to connect the dots between his family history and unique dietary needs, he stumbled upon the burgeoning field of nutritional genomics and the scientific links between genetics, nutrition, and health. Teaming up with nutritional researcher Kamal Patel, the two friends spent years methodically investigating the relationship between food and the human genome. Navigating the complex tapestry of modern ethnic groups, they break down the most common ancestries found in the United States, identifying both vital and problematic foods that interact with the ancient and recent genetic adaptations nestled in your DNA.  To ensure that you can fully utilize this research, they walk you through the process of tracing your family tree and taking your first genetic test, in order to determine your unique heritage and paint a broad picture of who you are at a genetic level.

As with his celebrated debut, The Ancestral Table, Crandall painstakingly combed through traditional and historical cuisines from every corner of the world to develop a magnificent, timeless cookbook fitting for any kitchen.  Featuring over 400 beautifully (and deliciously) crafted recipes organized by region, The Heritage Cookbook presents itself in a way that lets you build a healthy and delicious diet regardless of your unique background. Moreover, these timeless dishes that span the globe--like Traditional English Roast, German Sauerbraten, Pakistani Sindhi Biryani, or Filipino Pochero--reunite us with our recent ancestors, and will fill your home with the aromas of kitchens long past.

Comprehensively researched and masterfully sculpted, The Heritage Cookbook is a rare triumph that asks big questions and delivers big answers, all while thoughtfully connecting each of us with our forebears (and one another).  Equal parts elegant cookbook, deeply personal memoir, and nutritional game-changer, The Heritage Cookbook is the next big step in how we approach food and health.

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  • Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing (July 2019)
  • Length: 400 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781628603125

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