The Guncle Book

Everything You Need to Know About Everyone's Favorite Family Member


About The Book

The typical family dynamic in the 21st century has become anything but typical. With the progress of social awareness in our society, there comes a new, ever-changing, diverse face of America. But one thing that’s almost universal with the American family is the guncle. Gay uncles have become one of the most beloved family members, and National Guncles Day has even become a social media-approved holiday, inspiring adorable Instagram photo ops.

In The Guncle Book, Glenn Garner, who has gained a lifetime of knowledge as a gay uncle to twenty-two nieces and nephews, imparts some of that wisdom through some heartwarming anecdotes and entertaining tips and hacks. Topics covered include being an open ear, how to spoil your nieces and nephews, how to be a good insta guncle, and more. Complete with forty full-color photos throughout, this book makes the perfect gift for your own beloved guncle.

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