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The Gift of Grandparenting

A celebration of the delights of having grandchildren

Ask any grandparent about their grandchild and you’re usually in for a long conversation!

Grandmothers and grandfathers love to talk about their grandchildren, and why not? In this beautifully presented little book, grandparents and grandchildren from all around the globe reflect on the everyday delights of the magical bond that’s shared by grandparent and grandchild. They wax lyrical about this “special relationship” and everything that it encompasses, from the mundane to the marvelous–from breaking the rules to sharing triumphs, from giving advice to singing silly songs. These words of experience are teamed with sayings from great writers and philosophers through the ages. This treasure trove of wisdom and humor is a heartfelt tribute to the joy of grandparenting.

Cheryl Saban is an author and philanthropist and holds a Ph.D in Psychology. Her previous books include Recipe for Good Parenting, Recipe for a Good Marriage, Recipe for a Good Life, All About My Mother, and Soul Sisters (all published by Ryland Peters & Small). Cheryl is also a wife, a mother of four and a grandmother of four. She lives in California.

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