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The First Story Ever Told

Illustrated by Yoshi

A young explorer sets out on a difficult journey to discover a lost Peruvian City of Gold, but he isn’t able to find the treasure until the voice of Grandmother Fire visits him in the night.

Legends tell of Vilcabamba—a lost City of Gold built by the Incas and mysteriously abandoned somewhere in the mountains of Peru. When a young explorer hears of the legend, he sets out in search of the fabled city.

He claims the Mountains of the Moon, descends into the Valley of the Shadows, and explores the River of the Rainbow, but the ancient city and its gold are nowhere to be found.

Exhausted from the difficult journey, the explorer falls asleep by his campfire and dreams of an old woman sharing with him the first story ever told. When he awakens, he knows he has found what he was looking for.

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