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The First Book of Seconds

220 of the Most Random, Remarkable, Respectable (and Regrettable) Runners-Up and Their Almost Claim to Fame

Susan Lucci, Al Gore, and the Buffalo Bills all received top billing by coming in second. But that's not normally the case--most runners-up dwell in obscurity.

Finally, there's a book that celebrates the many unsung qualities of those who faltered on their way to the top! Inside, you'll discover little-known second-acts with entries that highlight their worthy achievements, such as:

  • The second highest homerun hitter
  • The second man to set foot on the moon
  • The second most dangerous animal in the world
  • The second-largest car rental chain (whose motto is fitting: "We try harder")

With more than 200 accounts of almost-claims-to-fame, this book leaves trivia junkies of all ages feeling like they won a gold medal--not a booby prize.