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The Event of the Quran

Islam in Its Scripture

The separate events of Islamic scripture are not difficult to chronicle, but what kind of event does the whole of the Qur'an represent? How should we understand the coming together of a charismtic personality, poetic eloquence, developing Arab consciousness, and a vibrant longing for God, into the single phenomenon of the Qur'an? What is the inner story of the prophethood that Islam regards as God's final revelation for humanity? How did geographical setting, culture and traditions enter into the Qur'an's metaphors and shape its message? These questions are examined in this study of Islam in scripture.

Kenneth Cragg has written extensively on the subject of Muslim-Christian relations, and his books have become classics in their field. Bishop Cragg has held academic and ecclesiastical posts in the UK, Jerusalem, Beirut, Cairo, Nigeria and the USA; in retirement he serves as Honorary Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Oxford. He is an Honorary Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford.