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The Cookie Tree

Published by Whiskey Creek Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Kim Gordon's husband was a casualty of the war in Afghanistan. She steadfastly refuses to ever feel the pain of losing a soul-mate again. When introduced to a handsome divorce` with two young children, she shies away from love. Andy Timber is everything she could want in a man, but his job as a motorcycle patrolman is too dangerous in Kim's estimation. Friendship is all she'll offer. That is, until love finally begins to blossom. Then a psychopath begins stalking her teenage daughter, Alyssa, and the tension mounts. Alyssa is nearly kidnapped while riding her horse alone in the forest. When the unthinkable happens, and Alyssa and her disabled friend, Rhonda, are abducted, Kim leans on Andy for support. Terror builds to an electrifying climax with a surprising twist. Action, suspense, and romance are liberally spiced with the unpredictable in this compelling story.

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