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The Complete Guide to German Armored Vehicles

Panzers, Jagdpanzers, Assault Guns, Antiaircraft, Self-Propelled Artillery, Armored Wheeled and Semi-Tracked Vehicles, and More

Here is a jam-packed visual encyclopedia of the armored vehicles used by the Nazi forces in World War II. With over six hundred photos, many of which never before seen by the public, David Doyle book offers military historians a unique look at the German war machine.

David Doyle, award-winning author of dozens of books on the subject, provides mechanical information, photos, and usage history for:

  • Armored cars
  • Half-tracks
  • Tanks
  • Assault guns
  • Jagdpanzers
  • Panzerjagers
  • Self-propelled guns, howitzers, and mortars
  • Flakwagens
  • Flammpanzers
  • Recovery vehicles
  • Armored Engineer vehicles

An encyclopedic resource by an authority on the subject, The Complete Guide to Armored Vehicles is a must-have for modelers, gamers, and WWII buffs alike.