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The Complete D.R. and Quinch

By the most successful comics writer of the past twenty-five years, Alan Moore, comes his funniest and most endearing anti-heroes, D.R & Quinch. There's nothing like them.

Ernest Errol Quinch and Waldo ‘D.R.’ Dobbs (the ‘D.R.’ stands for ‘Diminished Responsibility’) are a pair of psychotic alien students, less interested in their college work than in the sort of thing young people like to get up to – you know, military ordnance, picking fights, destroying entire star systems…

Alan Moore is perhaps the most widely respected comic writer of the modern era, his contribution to the comics world is incalculable. He created the classic Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and From Hell – all of which have been made into major motion pictures. Alan Davis debuted in 2000 AD with the space-based prison drama Harry 20 on the High Rock, He followed with the immortal D.R. and Quinch, which led to him being noticed by both Marvel and DC comics in the USA. Alan has worked prolifically for both companies ever since, on hit titles such as, Batman, The X-Men, Fantastic Four and Xcalibur amongst others.

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