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Hunting the skies is not for the faint-hearted. In a world where water is scarce and deadly jellyfish swim through the sky, overprotected Christien dreams of excitement, adventure, and even a bit of danger. When he meets the exotic and alluring Jenine and her family of cloud hunters, he becomes determined to fulfill his dreams and see what this nomadic tribe of people is all about.

The cloud hunters are set apart from society with their darker, heavily tattooed skin and the distinctive scars on their faces. Christien has been fascinated by them for years, and when Jenine invites him on a hunting expedition, he is only too eager to join her on the sky ship. But this is no ordinary cloud hunting trip—Christien finds that he's been brought along to help rescue Jenine's father, who's being held prisoner on the Forbidden Isles. Will their elaborate rescue plan succeed? Will Christien take up the cloud hunters' offer to become one of them—scars and all? Or will Christien find that there is something even more important to him than adventure in the high skies?
In a richly imaginative tale, perfect for both boys and girls as they launch themselves into the world of fiction as independent readers, Alex Shearer creates a Dahl-esque fantasy that roams through realms of magic, wonder, and adventure.

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