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The Calcium Connection

The Little-Known Enzyme at the Root of Cellular Health

Foreword by Russell Dahl

Did you know that one single enzyme impacts your odds of contracting most deadly diseases and health conditions?
An enormous body of reputable research into this enzyme has been isolated, ignored, and misunderstood by medical experts. The importance of this enzyme simply cannot be overstated.
The Calcium Connection: The Little-Known Enzyme at the Root of Cellular Health delivers a clear explanation of this enzyme’s function and outlines the steps you can take to gain optimal enzyme health. The accessible, information-packed format teaches you all about Ca2+ ATPase: how it works, what happens when it goes awry, and easy, practical methods to bring it back into balance and protect it—and your overall health. Whether you’re a health enthusiast, environmentalist, parent, or just want to be better informed, this book will help you boost your health now and into the future.

“In this book, Brunde Broady lays the groundwork for a compelling theory about the causes of disease, while providing ample evidence from the primary scientific literature that Ca2+-ATPase is a major determinant of human health and wellness.”
—Dr. Russell Dahl, PhD