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The Buddhist Path to Awakening

This comprehensive study draws exhaustively on a wide range of sources both primary and secondary, and in particular the Pali texts, to offer an authoritative study of the "thirty-seven conditions that contribute to awakening". This classic set of Buddhist teachings is examined both collectively and individually, thus revealing how early Buddhist thinkers understood the process of spiritual practice by which ordinary consciousness is transformed in the mystic mind. Sensitive, conscientious, and featuring full notes and extensive bibliography, this text will be appreciated by scholars and students alike.

"It should be read by everyone concerned with Buddhist thought, in whatever school or period."

– Journal of the American Oriental Society

"Certain to become the definitive work on the subject."

– Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

"A very thorough study of the Abhidhamma texts, the complicated knots of which he unravels with great skill… An important contribution to the study of the Buddhist path to awakening." J. W. de Jong

– Indo-Iranian Journal