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The Book of Life Movie Novelization

Adapted by Stacia Deutsch

Manolo is trying to break free from his family’s traditions and create his own destiny in this retelling of the movie The Book of Life!

The Book of Life hits theaters on October 17, 2014!

Manolo has a simple dream—become the best musician in San Angel and capture the heart of his friend, Maria. But Manolo’s father wants him to carry on the family tradition to become a bullfighter, and to make matters worse, Manolo’s best friend is in love with Maria, too!

As Manolo competes to win Maria’s love and make his own destiny, he must follow his heart and face his greatest fears as his journey takes him to strange and beautiful lands beyond his wildest imagination. Can Manolo succeed in rewriting his fate?

THE BOOK OF LIFE © 2014 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Reel FX Productions II, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Book of Life Movie Novelization

It was a quiet, calm morning at the large museum. The parking lot was filled with school buses. Children were inside the building, busy checking out the detailed historical displays and listening to stories about the past.

Thomas, a seasoned tour guide, was waiting outside, holding up a sign for his next group. He glanced at his pocket watch, then at the road. His group hadn’t arrived yet.

Moving to the front of the museum steps, Thomas raised his TOUR GUIDE sign and whistled to himself until he saw a big yellow blur coming his way. It whizzed around the corner, tires squealing.

“Last tour of the day,” he said to himself. “I wonder why no one wants them—” The school bus skidded to a halt with such force that Thomas jumped back. “Oh boy . . . ,” Thomas muttered, noticing that one of the bus windows was splattered with spitballs. Then a spitball hit Thomas in the face.

“Bull’s-eye!” a goth kid, dressed entirely in black, said.

Thomas wiped his face in horror.

The kids laughed as they poured out onto the sidewalk.

Thomas took a step back. The kids looked like trouble. The goth kid led the way with shaggy purple hair and spiked wrist bands, followed by a black-haired girl named Jane, who quickly roller-skated onto the sidewalk. Sanjay, a confident, cool-looking kid stepped up next with a sigh, along with Joao, a blond-haired boy wearing a strange top hat. Behind them all crept Sasha, and though she hardly looked threatening with her big eyes and blond hair full of bows, Thomas wasn’t about to let her innocent look fool him.

“Hiiii!” Sasha giggled, clutching a doll tightly to her chest.

“A lame museum? Again?!” Sanjay whined.

“I hate stuff,” said the goth kid.

“Yeah, me too,” Jane added. The other kids nodded in agreement.

Thomas sighed. It was going to be one of those days.

Out of nowhere, a woman arrived at his side. Her name was Mary Beth. She was young, pretty, and eager to help. “It’s okay, Thomas. I’ll take this group.” Mary Beth looked at the kids with a mischievous smile.

Thomas squinted at her. “Um . . . are you sure? These are the detention kids.” Suddenly, another spitball hit him in the face. He made his decision. If she wanted the kids, they were hers.

Mary Beth smiled. “Don’t worry. I can handle them. You go take your break.”

“Thank you!” Thomas said, smiling gratefully as he dashed back inside the museum.

The goth kid winked at his friends, then shot three massive spitballs at Mary Beth.

Mary Beth struck a pose and quickly deflected them with her TOUR GUIDE sign like a ninja warrior. She smiled confidently, spinning the sign. On the back it said FOLLOW ME.

“Follow me, kids,” she said.

“Huh?” the kids said in unison.

The kids glanced at each other, then shrugged. Reluctantly, they started up the stairs toward the museum doors, but Mary Beth turned them away from the massive entry.

Sanjay said, “Yo, lady. The museum door is that way.”

“Yes, it is,” Mary Beth told him. “But you aren’t like the other kids. No, no, no. You need to see something special.” She called the kids closer and pointed to the wall. “Right through that door!”

The kids stared at the blank wall, muttering together, “Huh?”

Jane stepped up. “You’re seein’ things, lady.”

“Am I?” Mary Beth asked her. “Or are you not seeing things?” She took a step backward and disappeared through the wall.

“Whoa!” The kids were shocked.

“Come on!” Mary Beth reappeared. She held out her hand and a small ornate door appeared.

The kids considered the Aztec carvings in the wood, then followed her inside.

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