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The Big Book of Spy Trivia

Spy Stories, Secret Agent Facts, and Espionage Skills from History's Greatest Covert Missions

Published by Ulysses Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Discover the fascinating true stories of spies and secret agents throughout history in this ultimate collection of espionage trivia.

Whether you’re a wannabe 007 or just a fan of subterfuge, the fun facts and legendary stories in this big book of spy trivia are sure to shock and fascinate. Discover how the most infamous spy organizations like the CIA and the MI6 came into existence, how they recruit citizens into their fold, and how they have shaped some of the world’s largest and most memorable historical events. You'll even learn real tactics that spies use on missions, from escaping zip ties to reading the body language of a stranger. This collection spans centuries and countries, including: 

• One of history's first and most iconic spy operations: the Trojan Horse in ancient Greece
• America's first spy organization: George Washington's Culper Ring 
• Real-life KGB spies from the McCarthy Cold War era: American citizens Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
• And much more!

Perfect for any person who has been fascinated by the shadowy world of espionage, this fact-packed book quizzes readers on their spy knowledge, from pop culture icons to unsung heroes that history books have forgotten. 

Berni Johnson began her career at age six, when she crayoned a book about her mom that received a rave review from its lone reader. In her youth, she dabbled in computer programming on her Atari 1200XL, leading to an IT career in adulthood. But she never gave up her writing habit. Instead, she combined the two skills and wrote over 50 technology articles for When she’s not watching TV or glued to her phone, she studies history, science, politics, and language, reads and writes fiction, and does the bidding of her terrier. Berni holds a BA in English literature and an MA in English with a concentration in humanities computing from the University of Georgia. But her pup Molly cares not for her stuffy credentials and prizes her door-opening and treat-giving abilities above all. You can read Berni’s recently revived writing blog at