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The Atlas of Military History

A comprehensive look at the armed conflicts that have shaped our civilizations and our lives

Aggression. Disruption. Violence. Mortality. The components of war are familiar to us all, but it’s often hard to understand how these battles throughout history continue to affect us today. The story of our world, from its earliest beginnings thousands of years BCE to today, is the often the story of our conflicts.


The Atlas of Military History offers a fascinating look at the many wars that have been fought over land, independence, and other factors all over the globe. Organized into sections based on location and then in chronological order, this compendium covers everything from the Punic Wars in Carthage that began in 247 BCE, to the conquest of Constantinople in 1453, to World War II, to the recent Arab Spring. Full-color photos and maps, as well as highlighted sections on legendary leaders, battles, and weapons, are included.


Perfect for students or anyone wanting to know more about this important aspect of our world, the Atlas of Military History is a complete portrait of our conflicts and resolutions.

Amanda Lomazoff is an editor, author, and adjunct professor of Classics and Letters at the University of Oklahoma. She specializes in medieval Celtic and Scandinavian folklore and literature, but also has interests in ancient Near Eastern religion, comparative mythology, and early Christianity and has contributed to titles on Christian saints and world religions. She lives in Norman, Oklahoma, with her husband and two cats.


Dr. Aaron Ralby is a linguist and writer. Formally trained as a medievalist at Cambridge and Cornell Universities, he has written previous titles on knights and warriors. Ralby runs his own online language training business, called Linguisticator, designed to provide a comprehensive method for learning any language as quickly and effectively as possible. He lives in London, England.