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The Alchemy of Power

Mastering the Invisible Factors of Leadership

Published by Post Hill Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

How conscious are you of the unseen power that drives results?

Just like master scientists use principles of physics to transform energy into extraordinary displays of power, alchemical leaders use metaphysical principles to transform resources into results that exceed norms and expectations.

Grounded squarely in data, and anchored deeply in universal wisdom, The Alchemy of Power reveals:

  • what power is
  • what it means to have it
  • how to develop and manage it
  • how to navigate the global call for leaders to use their power to create a better world by developing better workplaces.

The Alchemy of Power is rich with information and inspiration that connects studies on leadership, with emergent global trends, and with ageless metaphysical teachings—and ties it all to what’s on leaders’ minds and desktops right now.

Written by a seasoned leadership and cultural consultant who has trekked the globe exploring world philosophies and spiritual practices, The Alchemy of Power is about increasing your capacity for causing results that amount to much more than the sum of parts—leadership alchemy.

About The Author

Product Details

  • Publisher: Post Hill Press (October 15, 2019)
  • Length: 320 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781682616239

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Raves and Reviews

“Fascinating! Grounded in research and ageless wisdom, this book reveals a fundamental power source of success, and then guides you through accessing and managing that power to create a vibrant workplace in a verdant world.”

– John Perkins, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Nothing is more urgent than understanding power as the integration of our scientific and spiritual heritages. Books like The Alchemy of Power hasten our urgently-needed cultural evolution by integrating objective and subjective Wisdom, which is vital for any viable future for our planet."

– Kurt Johnson PhD, co-author, "The Coming Interspiritual Age" and "Fine Lines"

"Joni Carley tells a clear and practical story of the potency of alchemical leadership in mission success and life success. Whether you are just beginning the leadership journey or have led for years, Joni's insights inspire and remind us all to connect to our metaphysical power—our mojo. I have been honored to know Joni for many years. She is a force of nature—brilliant, compassionate, and filled with the spiritual vitality she writes about in her book. Joni leads with both 'head and heart' competencies, revealing a path all can aspire to. The power of her alchemical leadership transforms mundane resources into gold results!"

– Rhonda Fabian, CEO, Immediacy Learning and Editor, Kosmos Journal

“Joni Carley offers a clear, inspiring and unique guidebook to harnessing the mysteries of alchemy to access the power within. The Alchemy of Power will give you the deep insights and practical advice you need to bring new dimensions of success into your life, your work and our world.”

– Rev. Deborah Moldow, Founder, The Garden of Light

“This book goes beyond most leadership books: it tells you how to tap into the metaphysical forces of power. A transformational read for any leader wanting to move beyond the status quo.”

– Richard Barrett, President of the Academy for the Advancement of Human Values

“A must-read for successfully navigating the path of leadership in transformational times. The Alchemy of Power establishes solid new ground by bringing ancient and modern wisdom together with data on values, leadership, and culture. Not only does it expose the essential nature of leadership power, it also provides clarity on what can be done with your power.”

– Rick Ulfik, Founder of We, the World and the WE Campaign at

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