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The 7 Best Things Smart Teens Do

Published by HCI Teens EB
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

In , therapists John and Linda Friel gave parents an easy-to-understand guide to overcome the seven worst mistakes even good parents make while raising children. Now they’ve written a book for teens based on the same formula: it includes the seven worst things even smart—and outwardly successful—teens do, and shows teens how they can change these behaviors and assure their success in life as they grow towards adulthood.

This book was written expressly for teenagers as a unique roadmap into adulthood. It was designed to stimulate the brain as well as the heart because teenagers who listen to both can eventually negotiate adolescence successfully. It will appeal to teenagers who like to think, wonder, question and challenge, as well as to teenagers who feel that they haven’t quite figured out this “life” thing.

The Friels show teens the seven things they need to do in order to overcome common roadblocks they face or will face. These are:

  1. Become competent—don’t expect to have self-esteem without becoming competent

  2. Master your feelings—don’t let your feelings run the show

  3. Break the silence—don’t silently scream instead of making yourself known

  4. Get healthy power—don’t avoid learning about power

  5. Face the serious stuff—don’t hide the really important things you're experiencing

  6. Find an identity—don’t avoid the struggle to find yourself

  7. Learn to stake out the extremes—don’t live only in the extremes.

Written in clear, straightforward language and including many interesting and colorful story interludes, this book is an easy-to-use, powerful tool for all teens.