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The 2021 Jewish Calendar 16-Month Wall Calendar

Jewish Year 5781

This beautiful 2021 Jewish Calendar 16-Month Wall Calendar features selections from the superb collection of the Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam.

Full-color illustrations of Judaic ceremonial and historical masterpieces are beautifully reproduced throughout this calendar. Other features include:

  • Spans a full 16 months from September 2020 through December 2021
  • Includes U.S. and Jewish holidays, Sabbath candle-lighting times, blessings, and a list of Jewish holidays through the year 2030, making this calendar essential for every Jewish household

The Jewish Historical Museum is located in four monumental synagogues near the Waterlooplein. Three permanent exhibitions illustrate the history and culture of the Jews in the Netherlands. The Children’s Museum focuses on Judaism in a unique and lively way. Children learn about Jewish tradition while making braided bread, writing Hebrew in the study, or playing instruments in the music room. The five cultural institutions that make up the Jewish Cultural Quarter provide a unique overview of Jewish life in the Netherlands, then and now.