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Test Your Dog's IQ

Illustrated by Gary Bennett

Does your dog respond to hand gestures or facial signals? Can he perform tricks both inside and outside? You’re sure that your dog is much smarter than the one next door, so here’s your chance to prove it with Test Your Dog’s IQ. Use these quizzes and experiments to gauge your pet’s communication skills, social behavior, motor skills, sensory perception, and memory by paying attention to his or her everyday actions such as:

• When your dog shows anxiety that you are leaving
• If your dog is interested in new toys and challenges
• If your dog attempts to wake you up at an unfamiliar sound
• How your dog expresses the desire to play

The book also comes complete with advice for analyzing your dog’s score and improving their IQ if they don’t turn out to be quite the wonder dog you expected. These fun tests and amusing illustrations will help you unlock your dog’s hidden brilliance and give you a chance to spend more time with your furry friend.

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