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Teen Psychic

Exploring Your Intuitive Spiritual Powers

Published by Bindu Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Teaches teens to develop and use their intuitive powers

• Includes quizzes, meditations, journal entries, popular quotes, and fun exercises to introduce teens to their intuitive powers

• Combines both contemporary and ancient stories of spiritual and intuitive empowerment

• By the author of The Thundering Years: Rituals and Sacred Wisdom for Teens, winner of the 2002 Independent Publisher Book Award for multicultural juvenile nonfiction

In Teen Psychic, award-winning author Julie Tallard Johnson provides a fun, meaningful process for developing your intuitive powers, as well as practical guidance in applying those powers to your personal spiritual journey. The wisdom teachings of numerous traditions blended with activities--such as meditations, exercises, journalizing, and quizzes--will help you tap into a reservoir of inner strength and knowledge, increasing your confidence and self-esteem.

Ancient stories and contemporary teen experiences of spiritual and intuitive empowerment, as well as the author's own insightful narrative, show you how to connect to your inner wisdom and to the greater wisdom that surrounds you. With inspiring quotations from a diverse group of wisdomkeepers including Caroline Myss, Black Elk, Anodea Judith, Myron Eshowsky, and Chögyam Trungpa, Teen Psychic helps you discover your true nature by accessing your intuitive powers and developing your psychic self.


From the Introduction:

The Teachings

The teachings you find in this book will offer you answers to questions you have about your intuition and how to use it. It is also a journey of spiritual empowerment, where through the exercises and readings you will find yourself empowered with truth and courage. This is what this material has done for me.

Every chapter begins with two stories. The first story is an ancient story from cultures around the world. These ancient cultures valued intuition and the spiritual life and believed it important that elders, such as myself, teach this wisdom to our youth. The second one is from a teen today, a story of his or her intuitive and spiritual awakening. Each chapter will then offer simple instructions on understanding and developing your own intuition and energy body.

Before we begin, let’s acknowledge that our culture also has secrets--all of which need to come out into the open. These secrets are about the energy body, the wisdom of our intuition and emotions, and about our spirituality. Most of these secrets (mysteries) are known but are not taught to teenagers (they are even kept from many adults). These secrets all hold treasures that need to be taught and spoken. This book is meant to open that door in you that opened in me . . .the one that leads you to your own truths and gifts. The one that will take you on the journey of intuitive and spiritual empowerment.

My intention in writing this book is to help you walk towards your own truths. It is not intended to have you walk in my truths or anybody else's. Take from this book whatever you may find helpful. Start walking now. All that you need will arrive to help you.

A Quiz: How Intuitive Are You?

This quiz will offer you more insight to your own intuition (since we all have this ability in degrees). There are twenty- three statements below for you to read and respond to. On a separate sheet of paper, write the numbers 1 through 23 in a vertical column. Read each statement. Then, next to the number on your paper that corresponds to that statement, write the word that best describes how often you experience what the statement says. Choose one of these words for your answer: often, sometimes, or rarely.

1. I am aware of others feelings.
2. I experience social anxiety.
3. I sense things before they happen.
4. I remember my dreams.
5. I have repetitive dreams.
6. I am afraid of some of my feelings.
7. I experience a lot of coincidences.
8. I have gut feelings about decisions.
9. Friends seem to come to me a lot for advice.
10. I know my dreams mean something.
11. I have been told that I am too sensitive (that I overreact).
12. I have de ja vu experiences.
13. I believe I am intuitive.
14. I believe or sense that a Greater Power watches over me and helps me.
15. I am scared of what I know.
16. I have known things were going to happen before they did.
17. I have high self-esteem.
18. I can speak up for myself to my peers.
19. I can speak up for myself to adults.
20. I know how to ask for advice.
21. I have a strong sense of purpose; I know what I am going to do with my life.
22. I use drugs and/or food to avoid my thoughts and feelings.
23. I know when someone is not telling the truth.

Now add up your answers:
1 point for each “rarely”
2 points for each “sometimes”
3 points for each “often”

If you scored 23 to 35:
You are not very in tuned to your intuition -- so it is likely is buried. You likely don’t feel very good about yourself or trust the way you do feel, but this will improve quickly as you practice the exercises in the book. You have low self-esteem and are not likely to take good care of yourself. You sense something inside of you but not sure how to access it. The first step for you will be to start uncovering your hidden intuition and letting the treasures out. Then, soon you will begin noticing a stronger sense of yourself and your surroundings. You will be begin to trust your intuitive self more often and feel more energized and positive. Keeping a journal while you read this book will be very helpful.

If you scored 36 to 58:
You are highly intuitive although you may not fully understand what it all means. Others experience you as oversensitive but friends are likely to come to you for advice because they sense you have good insight into their problems. You may experience social anxiety in part due to your very real sensitivity to your surroundings. You do not necessary trust or understand your abilities. You oscillate between having very good feelings about yourself (high-self esteem) and days where you bottom out and your self-esteem is very low. You will quickly benefit from this book because you will find the guidance in here makes you feel safer, more balanced and confident in your intuitive abilities.

If you scored 59 to 69:
You are aware that you have psychic abilities although you have not received instruction on how to skillfully use your abilities. Your self-esteem is fairly high (most of the time) and you are ready and excited about using the guidance in this book. Your confidence and skills will build quickly as you work through this book.

No matter what your score, this book will help you develop and trust what is already inside of you.

About The Author

A licensed psychotherapist and creative writing teacher, Julie Tallard Johnson has kept journals since the age of sixteen discovering how the writer and spiritual path are one and the same. She has spent the last thirty years working with individuals and groups to help them discover a spiritual practice that brings them a sense of purpose and happiness. The author of many books for teens including Teen Psychic, Spiritual Journaling, The Thundering Years, I Ching for Teens and Making Friends, Falling in Love, which was recognized by the New York Public Library as one of the best books for teens, she lives in Spring Green, Wisconsin.
Visit the author's web site at

Product Details

  • Publisher: Bindu Books (November 6, 2003)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781594776014
  • Ages: 12 - 18

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Raves and Reviews

“This book is steeped in integrity and practical advice on how to safely develop (or further) your psychic abilities and psychic wisdom for the highest good of all.”

– Linda Mackenzie, author of Help Yourself Heal With Self-Hypnosis and president of Creative Health &

"Tallard Johnson covers many core concerns of teenagers . . . this is a book of merit and depth."

– Publishers Weekly, November 2003

"Blazing the trail into adulthood is made easier with the knowledge and tools of this book."

– Paula Scardamalia, ForeWord, 2004, Vol.7 No.3

"Teen Psychic will be appreciated by teens who are ready to deal with and enhance their psychic energies."

– Susan LosCalzo, New Age Retailer, May/June 2004, Vol. 18 No. 3

“This book is wonderfully embracing in its honoring of the deep psychic and spiritual wisdom of teens.”

– Myron Eshowsky, teaching faculty of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and director of the Pathways

"This is a delightful and informative book with a healthy respect for the development of teen readers."

– Lori Collner, The Blessed Bee, Spring 2007

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