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Ted Menten's Mindful Mazes Coloring Book: Floral Fantasies

Published by Racehorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

The evolution of coloring is upon us. In addition to coloring beautiful illustrations, you can now relax by finding your way through the hidden mazes within each picture! Mazes add another element of concentration to coloring by diverting your mind’s focus—if only for a few minutes—to a fun and simple task instead of your worries.

Featuring forty-eight black-and-white outlines of charming and elegant fashions for colorists to fill with their favorite tones, Ted Menten’s Mindful Mazes Coloring Book: Floral Fantasies is overflowing with abundance of beautiful flower designs. Hidden within these relaxing illustrations is an individual maze for participants to solve, if they so choose, before or after coloring these delightful floral designs.

Find your way to the end of stress and the beginning of relaxation.

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