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Team Work

13 Timeless Principles for Creating Success and Fulfillment as a Team Member

Published by Fidelis Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Team Work presents a new approach to creating healthy, fulfilling, successful teams, and it all starts with individuals who put the team before themselves.

The modern workplace is built on teamwork, but for many workers this structure feels like a necessary evil—an impediment rather than a perpetuator of success and fulfillment. The traditional approach to teamwork often pits individuals against one another with a “me-first” mentality, leading to dysfunctional teams that fail to accomplish their purpose. Fortunately, there is a better way to work.

In this salient book, Russ Sarratt and Rusty Chadwick provide a framework for a different kind of team—one where personal excellence and sacrificial service at the individual level changes the narrative of the larger group. No matter the industry or profession, the success of a team and the fulfillment of its members depend on each individual’s ability and desire to contribute. Team Work introduces 13 timeless principles of teamsmanship—simple but transformative values that are revolutionizing the way teams function.

Whether at work, at home, on the athletic field, or in the community, the principles of Team Work will help you develop a clear understanding of how to move your team forward and thrive in the process.

About The Authors

Product Details

  • Publisher: Fidelis Books (December 8, 2020)
  • Length: 192 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781642935271

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Raves and Reviews

“Building productive, inspiring, and rewarding high-performing teams is a complex challenge. In Team Work, Russ Sarratt and Rusty Chadwick provide a comprehensive blueprint to help leaders and organizations create and sustain fulfilling teams. The thirteen principles are guideposts that unleash the potential of teams like we’ve never seen before. More importantly, the principles establish a legacy that future teams can build upon for generations.”

– John Oldham, Assistant Chief, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

“Russ [Sarratt] and Rusty [Chadwick] share a vision to see people and organizations transformed through the powerful impact of servant leadership and high performing teams. Both leaders consistently prioritize team success and model personal excellence in their lives, uniquely positioning them as clear experts on the principles of teamsmanship shared in Team Work.Reading this book is an experience in active learning: each chapter is written with a winsome, practical, and inspiring approach, complete with reflection questions and action-driven challenges for the leader. Team Work outlines a clear and achievable path for helping people realize their full potential and truly thrive within their spheres of influence, and I am confident many lives will be changed as a result!”

– Tammy Preston, Executive Director, BlueSky Global

“Several years ago we partnered with Russ, Rusty, and the staff of WinShape Teams to invest in the lives of leaders in our company. At Shaw, we believe in developing people to be better both at home and at work, and WinShape Teams shares those values. People are our most valuable resource, and we are proud to trust the team at WinShape with ours. I am confident the principles Russ Sarratt and Rusty Chadwick share in Team Work can bring forth lasting change in any team.”

– Mike Fromm, Chief Human Resources Officer, Shaw Industries

“WellSpringEgypt has partnered with WinShape Teams since 2009. When they train us in team work, they help us to unite as one team to serve thousands of children in an amazing, effective way. Throughout our partnership, the word that is most visible and draws us toward WinShape is ‘serving.’ They serve us humbly and meet our needs despite the culture and circumstances. I am excited to see how Team Work will change communities around the world as these values have already impacted Egypt greatly.”

– Maged Fawzy, CEO and Founder, WellSpring Egypt

“Being part of a highly performing team is a powerful experience in every imaginable way, but it is very rare in life to be a member of such a team—one that combines together so well that it makes achieving and success look easy. The core reasons why teams are dysfunctional are not secrets, but some people don’t have the awareness and skills to contribute in a positive and productive way. This book, Team Work, will provide readers with a ‘to-the-point’ guide on how to be a great team member, how to create a functional team, and the keys to being a leader of such teams. Being part of a functional team or dysfunctional team is a choice—your choice. The messages in this book will show that there’s really only one option.”


– Nathan Fa’avae, ECO-Challenge Winner and Six-Time Adventure Racing World Champion

"People are the secret sauce of all organizations. In their new book Team Work, Russ and Rusty provide a guidebook for developing individuals into engaged and fulfilled team members resulting in thriving and successful teams."

– Dan T. Cathy,Chairman & CEO, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

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