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Teaching English Language Learners K–12

A Quick-Start Guide for the New Teacher

Bring the English language to life with this valuable new resource!

Some say that learning a second language is like drinking water from a fire hose. But teaching it does not have to be like standing under Niagara Falls. This is the fundamental message of Jerry Jesness’ new quick-start guide Teaching English Language Learners K-12. In our climate, ELL teachers face immense demands as educators because the ELL class is often the critical, transitional step into a student’s entire education. The author provides specific strategies to address the special challenges for instructors. This valuable resource offers a terrific framework to nurture that motivating spark in English Language learners. For ELL educators, it’s more than a job—it’s a mission!

Teaching English Language Learners K-12 includes:

• Customizing instructions to create developmentally and culturally appropriate lessons for all learners
• Comprehensive vocabulary checklists for common English words and concepts
• Practical methods for using the learner’s native language and culture in the classroom
• Helpful strategies for teaching spoken English, reading, and writing
• Encouraging tips to become a better ELL teacher

This book delivers a concise array of teaching strategies, curriculum, and things ESL teachers need to know to become most confident in their work and most effective with their students.