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Tangram Teasers Book

Take the Tangram Challenge!

Take the tangram challenge!

Based on the best-selling Book-in-a-Box kits, the Tangram Teasers Book will challenge you to first solve the puzzle by creating the shape shown, and then change it into a new shape with only the number of moves indicated. Just when you thought tangrams were easy, they got harder. But there are three levels of difficulty and so you can start off gently, and then get more and more teased! Try the tangram challenge. But watch out—tangrams are addictive!

Norbert Pautner is an author and illustrator of children’s books, games and early learning materials who has a deep interest in the language, literature, history and culture of ancient China with a special emphasis on the art of Chinese calligraphy. He has traveled widely in China and his expertise in tangrams is a natural consequence of his educational background in art, mathematics and Classic Chinese. These interests combine ideally with his work, which takes him regularly between Hong Kong and Europe.