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Zombies and a serial killer pursue the same couple.

Tomes of The Dead is a collection of some of the very best eyeball popping, gut munching, zombie fiction around, groaning with horror and excitement. Each book will explore the zombie genre in new and thrilling ways. Join us in these worlds of the dead and remember to leave your sanity by the door! When Leeds bursts into supernatural chaos, Rick, a rookie policeman must fight through hordes of the living dead to return home and protect his wife, Sally. Daryl, a loner, lives with his ill mother and dreams of being a serial killer. The apocalypse is the perfect opportunity to realise his fantasies. Sally will become his first victim. Will Rick get to her in time or will she be taken by Daryl or, worse, the undead?

Gary McMahon’s short fiction has appeared in numerous acclaimed magazines and anthologies in the UK and US and has been reprinted in yearly “Best of” collections. He is the multiple-award-nominated author of the novellas Rough Cut and All Your Gods Are Dead, the collections Dirty Prayers, How to Make Monsters and Pieces of Midnight, and the novels Rain Dogs and Hungry Hearts. He has been nominated for seven different British Fantasy Awards as both author and editor.

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