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Sweet Potato Power

Smart Carbs; Paleo and Personalized

If you want to look good, perform at your peak and be in tip-top shape, you must choose smart fuel for your body, not the processed "food" found on the shelves of every supermarket. Many have turned to Paleo and a low carb way of life to avoid the effects of these food impostors we were never designed to eat. Low carb diets, however, can leave you feeling as though you don't have enough gas in the tank.

Low carbs need to be smart carbs. Lucky for us, nature has given us the nutritious, delicious sweet potato. This super food gives all the benefits of other high energy foods with more nutrition and without spiking blood sugar. Plus, this humble tuber tastes great and is easily incorporated into your diet in seriously good ways.

Sweet Potato Power gives you the tools to run your own tests to determine the diet rules that work specifically for you and your unique biology. Through self experimentation you can cut through diet mumbo jumbo, and let science and your numbers speak for themselves to answer questions such as:

    How many carbs should I eat to make me look, feel and perform at my best?
    What foods spike my blood sugar the most and make me fat?
    How do I eliminate craving?
    How can I avoid mental fogs and post-lunch energy slumps?
    How can I optimize my carbs with my athletic pursuits?
    How can I get fit without getting fat?
    What exercise is best for my body?
    How can my kids become the most delightful version of themselves?
    How can my doctor be a well-care provider instead of a sick-care provider?

Understanding a bit of science and incorporating new tools in your arsenal will make you an active participant in your health. Applying what you learn brings you closer to the ideal version of you. All of this and easy sweet potato recipes so you can incorporate this power food into your everyday life—making Sweet Potato Power a force to be reckoned with!

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