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Super Simple Origami

An At-home Activity Kit for Ages 5+

Origami is loved by people all over the world. Now, simple origami is perfect for preschoolers!


In SUPER SIMPLE ORIGAMI, children as young as two years old can transform a piece of paper into one of their favorite things: an ice cream cone, a heart, a ninja star, or even a jumping monkey! Origami for kids is fun and engaging and cultivates children’s ability to concentrate. With these simple folding and cutting projects, preschoolers will be entertained for hours while they follow easy instructions on how to create origami for kids with paper.

Using Gakken’s proven “fun-first” learning system, the unique paper crafts in SUPER SIMPLE ORIGAMI keep preschoolers engaged and learning important skills while they play. While creating simple and fun origami projects, children will learn to follow step-by-step instructions, understanding diagrams, and build confidence.

What parents are saying:

“My son practically did all of these in one sitting! He LOVED this book!!!”

“My 4 yr old’s favorite activity. Fun to do together!!”