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Stick it to the Man

How to Skirt the Law, Scam Your Enemies , and Screw Big, Fat, Stupid, Lazy Corporations...for Fun and Profit!

Finally, a brilliant guide to outwitting and outplaying the lopsided world of the law and power. Lemon computer? Learn how to make them take it back and give you a brand new, better, faster computer instead. Got a speeding ticket? Learn how to get out, fast. Tired of fighting with the cable company over incorrect charges on your bills? Learn how to get them to reverse all the charges in question . . . and get additional credits, instead. Big box stores seem like big busts? How to get the most from them. Want to screw the airlines—just like they've been screwing you for years? And much, much more. Don't bother fastening your seatbelt—that law is for girly-men—but hold on for this exciting read!

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