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Exploring Ocean Science with Comics

Dive deep into the latest, most interesting (and weirdest!) science about underwater creatures with Squidtoons!

These beautifully drawn, educational comics combine fun science facts about marine life, kid-friendly wit, and a strong environmental message. From whale vomit to bone-eating worms, narwhals to sea dragons, Squidtoons presents real ocean science in a series of entertaining, easy-to-understand comics. Venture from the seashore to the deep sea, and learn about the ocean’s diverse life forms straight from the experts.

Originally from Hong Kong, Garfield Kwan is a PhD candidate at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego. The founder and director of Squidtoons, Garfield hopes to incorporate his cartoons into his lectures as he pursues a career as a professor. When not glued to his work, Garfield enjoys basketball, diving, and volunteering in his community.

Dana Song graduated from the University of California San Diego in 2016 with a degree in public health. Originally from Phelan, California, Dana spends her time mountain biking and creating digital illustrations for Squidtoons.

"With every page, the ocean creatures in Squidtoons jump out at you, turning science lessons into fun-filled adventures." (Jim Toomey, Creator of Sherman's Lagoon)

"Squidtoons masterfully uses cartoons to convey novel and complex scientific topics to kids and adults alike. Whether you are looking for a fun, quick read, hoping to learn more about the ocean, or to immerse a youngster in the exciting world of marine biology, Squidtoons is the book for you." (Martin Tresguerres, PhD, Professor in Marine Biology)

"Squidtoons is one of the funnest, over-the-top, visually compelling books on ocean critters that I’ve ever seen. It’s easy to read and loads of fun for readers of all ages and backgrounds. Five-year-old kids and marine biologists alike will learn something new about the fascinating life of our oceans. Squidtoons totally rocks!" (Ray Troll, artist and author of Sharkabet, Rapture of the Deep, and Cruisin’ the Fossil Coastline)

"I've always been enthusiastic about Garfield Kwan's Squidtoons. It's an engaging mix of interesting science and engaging illustrations." (Al Trujillo, Oceanography Textbook Author and Distinguished Teaching Professor, Palomar Community College)