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Squeaky Clean Keto

Next Level Keto to Hack Your Health

Squeaky Clean Keto marries the principles of clean eating with the ketogenic diet, resulting in reduced inflammation, faster weight loss, and better overall health. It provides readers with the methods and principles of squeaky clean keto (no grains, dairy, alcohol, sweeteners, or nuts), 30 days of easy-to-follow meal plans, and over 130 delicious recipes that are big on flavor and will appeal to even the pickiest of eaters. 
This book will help readers lose weight, feel healthier, and identify whether or not certain common allergens are hindering their progress—all while eating an abundance of delicious foods that the entire family can enjoy.

Squeaky Clean Keto makes weight loss on keto almost effortless, even for people who are self-proclaimed “slow losers.” Food intolerances and inflammation caused by common keto foods like dairy, nuts, and sweeteners can slow weight loss, so when those things are completely removed from the diet, many see rapid results that they weren’t getting on “regular” keto. 
After 30 days of squeaky clean keto, slowly reintroducing the potentially offending foods can shine a light on which foods may have been stalling weight loss. With this information in hand, readers can decide to limit or omit those foods completely moving forward for a fully customized approach to the keto diet.

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