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Skinny Shots

More Than 100 Down-and-Dirty Drinks for Your Sexy Party Style

Get the party started with over 100 skinny shots from bestselling cocktail expert Paul Knorr! 

Ever ask the bartender for a low-calorie beverage, and they tell you to drink water? Mix up your own low-cal, low-sugar shooters that will NOT cancel out all of your hard work at the gym! Bestselling cocktail expert Paul Knorr brings you over 100 shot recipes, including:
*Jelly Bean Shots
*Flaming Heart
*Blue Kamikaze
*Cinnamon Toast Crunch
*Peach Snapper
*Snake Bite
*Coconut Cream Pie
*Strawberry Blonde
*Bourbon Bender
*Cherry Bomb
*And many more!
Throw your worries to the wind with Skinny Shots, the first-ever book of down-and-dirty shooters--calorie stats included--for your sexy party style.


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