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Short Cuts, Vol. 2

Book #2 of Short Cuts
Published by VIZ Media LLC
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

So just what is with this fascination for the Japanese teenage girl? We're talking about that extreme variant of her--that highly evolved creature of Japan's frantically trendy consumer culture...the ko-gal. Short Cuts is a unique and surreal Japanese comic strip that provides an illustrated journey into the ko-gal's world, created by Usamaru Furuya, one of Japan's most highly esteemed avant-garde comic artists.

In this, the second and last volume of his SHORT CUTS series, Furuya takes on a topical subject (not so seriously) and loads it with bizarre and irreverent humor. A treat for the fan of the cutting edge of comics art, as well as anyone wanting to get up to the minute on the latest Tokyo fads. More surreal gags and teenage madness in this concluding volume.

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