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She-ology, The She-quel

Let's Continue the Conversation

Part of She-ology
Foreword by Julia Ormond
Published by Savio Republic
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

She-quel continues where She-ology left off by opening up the conversation about sensitive women’s health issues.

With She-ology—Dr. Sherry Ross’s bestselling book about the questions, answers, and misunderstandings that women have about their vaginas—the proverbial floodgates were opened. After hearing from countless women across the country—from all ages and stages of life—Dr. Sherry realized the necessity to address the topics not covered in her first book. With the same compassion, expertise, and humor she used to answer some of the most probing questions about the care and maintenance of the vagina, Dr. Sherry continues her dialogue to further her vagina revolution…a revolution that’s essential for women in embracing their sexuality, identity, and sense of selves.

About The Author

Product Details

  • Publisher: Savio Republic (February 4, 2020)
  • Length: 320 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781642931808

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Raves and Reviews

"Dr. Sherry breaks down all taboos about female anatomy in a way that makes you feel like you are talking to a trusted friend or a big sister. She gives you real, no nonsense answers to questions you might never have thought to ask. Even the embarrassing ones!"

– Reese Witherspoon, Academy Award-Winning Actress and Founder of the media production company, Hello Sunshine

"Dr. Sherry is my own personal advocate for holistic wellness and I love her. She has been my doctor and ally for almost a decade and, in one of our favorite moments together, ran me across Arizona Blvd in a wheelchair past waiting paparazzi, when my final prenatal visit turned very much and very suddenly into a labor and delivery visit. Always calming, always confident, and always with my health and wellbeing as the top priority, Dr. Sherry encourages questions, educates me with the latest studies and research, and has taught me the importance of talking openly and honestly with my children about their bodies and their health.

I am proud to have Dr. Sherry in my corner—not only as an expert and doctor, but as a kind and compassionate champion for all women and children. I love knowing that—even if they are embarrassed to talk so openly with their own doctors—my sisters and friends can have access to the same life-changing information about their bodies, their female health, and their vaginas that I have had—and have a good laugh along the way. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Sherry's second book—she-ology, the she-quel."

– Jennifer Garner, Actress and Co-Founder of Once Upon a Farm, a company dedicated to providing high-quality nutrition for children everywhere

"Dr. Sherry Ross is one of the brightest and smartest doctors we know. She has mastered her particular expertise, and women (and men) have benefited enormously from her knowledge. She has de-mystified so many 'taboo' subjects—bringing them into the forefront of her conversations with patients rather than having unanswered questions lurking in the darkness.

As a couple, we feel that she is there for us at all the right times with just the right answers—even if it's not what we want to hear. A calm and truthful voice who is always trying to get to the root of the problem."

– Katherine McPhee, Actress, Singer, Songwriter and David Foster, Grammy Award-Winning Record Producer, Songwriter, and Composer

"I'll be the first to admit, I'm biased, but Dr. Sherry is my favorite gynecologist on the planet. Well, in the United States at least, because I don't know everyone on the planet. But I am working on it, because I am a talk show host and I meet and interview new and interesting people every single day of my life. I can definitely be type A from time to time and hormonal which is where Dr. Sherry come in. She has been an amazing asset over the years, by helping me ease my hormonal self and keep it all together, as a career woman, mother, and wife. Dr. Sherry is truly one of the smartest and most amazing people I have ever met. I completely trust her with my life as well as that of my children, which she delivered. She is the wizard of gynecology and I want to share her with everyone I can! Do yourself a favor and read her book. You will be glad you did!"

– Debbie Metanopoulos, Host and Lifestyle Expert of Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family" show

"Dr. Sherry is a front-line warrior in the education of women of all types and ages. And I say that from personal experience as she has not only been my doctor, she has been my friend for nearly twenty-five years. She has walked the walk, accompanying me along my journey from pregnancy, dealing with my Br Ca positive diagnosis, and the care and education of my teenage daughters and mother. She has championed and informed women in all aspects of health and wellness and continues to do so with this book. She-quel continues a life-changing conversation. Read this book and learn from the best!" 

– Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon Studios and Former President of NBC Entertainment

"There's nothing more important than your health, especially your intimate and female health. Dr. Sherry has been taking care of all parts of me, including my vagina! Once I understood, acknowledged, and properly cared for my V, life became so much sweeter! Take advantage of Dr. Sherry's wisdom and passion in her she-quel, and let's all continue the conversation!"

– Peri Gilpin, Actress

"For me, total health is all about rediscovering oneself and one's relationships (romantic and otherwise) at every stage of life.  I think the reasons why I've maintained such a healthy and loving relationship with my husband is because I put as much effort into working on myself as I do on our relationship, which means being committed to one's health and being aware of the newest and latest information in health and medicine. Dr. Sherry has always encouraged me to embrace my own health care and not be afraid to ask the tough questions. Our conversations run the gamut from her take on the latest findings in supplements to the newest innovations in sexual health! Needless to say, our exchanges are never boring. I am excited that she can share her she-wisdom of all things women in a delightful and engaging way and with humor and compassion through her books. Read them. You will find yourself blushing, crying, laughing, and most importantly, learning more than you could ever imagine!"

– Kathy Hilton, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Designer

"I think I have the distinction of saying that nearly my entire immediate family goes to Dr. Sherry—and not only for the regular yearly exams, but for her expertise, warmth, and assurance that we are all on the right track in doing what we can to best take care of ourselves. She keeps us up to date on the latest medical findings relevant to each of us, ages fourteen through—well, we don't need to go there, so I'll just say—through wherever my body, mind, and psyche happen to be. I have a lot of resources in my life—as it's the nature of my business—so believe me when I say that Dr. Sherry is my go-to source for all femme-related news and information!"

– Kelly Bush, Emmy Award-Winning Producer and Founder and CEO of ID Public Relations Firm

"Dr. Sherry Ross is such a blessing for all of her patients and for those of us reading her books. Dr. Sherry is not only technically brilliant, but also a gifted intuitive who is able to connect with all of us on a deep level. I love her and am so thankful for her wisdom."

– Catherine Bach, Actress

"Dr. Sherry is a marvel. She's brilliant and compassionate and no-nonsense. But mostly she believes passionately and unequivocally that women have a right and a responsibility to understand their own bodies. So much of our own physiology is still shrouded in mystery and Dr. Sherry will not accept that. With her first book and now the sequel, she gives us explanations to experiences we've been conditioned not to ask about and the tools to make our own physical (and emotional) lives easier. As a writer, a woman, and mother of two, I'm so grateful her books exist."

– Sarah Treem, Writer, Producer, Playwright, and Co-Creator and Showrunner for the Golden Globe-Winning show "The Affair"

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