Shapes on the Go: Square

Edgy friends fit together!


About The Book

A fun-filled, energetic romp of a tale about a little a square that finds his perfect fit among friends. A perfect way to discover shapes, animals, friendship, and teamwork--all wrapped up in a vintage-style illustrated package! 

Meet little red square! He's an edgy little dude on his way to meet a new crew. Along his walk, he meets all sorts of different characters that are also edgy, but not quite square. Luckily for him, his friends band together to find him a perfect fit! 

This humorous short tale features nostalgic-inspired artwork that captures of the hearts of all readers--big and small. 

This perfect little story is a truly delightful way for little learners to discover different concepts like shapes, colors, animals, along with themes of friendship and teamwork

Join little red square on his adventure! 

About The Author

Yukihiro Arai is a picture book author, illustrator, and toy designer. He was born in 1974 in Tokyo and he is the father to two daughters. He has been publishing books for babies and toddlers that have been embraced and beloved by children and parents alike. He loves sports including football and badminton. And, loves to spend his free time looking at his favorite art books while listening his favorite music.

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