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Sex for Grownups

Dr. Dorree Reveals the Truths, Lies, and Must-Tries for Great Sex After 50

Published by Health Communications Inc EB
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

More than 80 million American women and men over fifty are facing a number of very common yet rarely talked about challenges in the bedroom—from low libido to unrealistic expectations, from waning hormones to physical limitations, from repressed desires and fantasies to performance anxiety. With humor and judgment-free advice, Dr. Dorree Lynn shows women and men how, with a little attitude shift and some adjustments to life's inevitable changes, the best really can be yet to come.

Whether it's  women going through menopause or men recovering from surgery, to people of either sex who are challenged by all-too-common image issues, Dr. Dorree Lynn delivers the candid truth about sex, and explains how anyone can create the life-affirming connection and joy that comes comes from fully experiencing our sexuality at every age.  Whether it's learning new techniques or how to love their changing bodies, women and men will find new ways to nurture and rekindle sex for deeper joy and satisfaction.


  • Real-life questions and stories from clients and visitors to
  • How to have great sex even if you are no longer an acrobat
  • Out-of-the box ideas for rediscovering lost love in a long-term relationship
  • Dating advice for people who are single, divorced, or widowed
  • Why "Sixty is not the new forty" in the bedroom--and how people can use their age to their advantage