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Sesame Street Monster Advice 2022 Wall Calendar

The sunny days on Sesame Street never looked brighter than with this 12-month wall calendar featuring the Muppets and their advice for life.

Featuring words of wisdom from the Muppets of Sesame Street, this 12-month calendar will guide you through each and every day. As Cookie Monster likes to say, “Keep calm and eat cookies.” Be like Oscar and live by the mantra: “Grouchiness isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.” Or remember Ernie’s approach to living: “Growing up isn’t easy. So why do it.” Let 2022 be filled with sunny days, wisdom, and inspiration from all your furry besties!

Features include:

  • Character birthdays and special events
  • Generous grids with space to add appointments and reminders
  • Opens to 12 inches x 24 inches
  • Planner page for September–December 2021
  • Widely celebrated and nationally recognized holidays and observances
  • Moon phases, based on Universal Time