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Self-Esteem Starters for Kids: Know Your Feelings!

Activities to Help Express Your Emotions!

Illustrated by Vicky Barker
Published by Racehorse for Young Readers
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Help your child handle their emotions through this colorful activity book!

Strong emotions can be a rollercoaster for everyone, especially children. Kids need to learn how to handle their feelings in a way that benefits both them and others, from friends to family to teachers and coaches. Following tried and tested techniques, children will learn how to handle their emotions and interact with others’ emotions. From dealing with friendship wobbles to embarrassing moments and facing the consequences of emotional outbursts, the activities at the heart of this book are designed to help children discover just what they can do to channel all their emotions in a healthy way.

While starting a new school year is an exciting time, it can also be quite daunting. Worrying about going back to school or starting somewhere new is totally normal, whether you're worried about friendships, schoolwork, or something else entirely! Designed to help children find their inner confidence, the Self-Esteem Starters for Kids activity book series is full of practical advice and strategies for dealing with wobbles and worries. The two books are written by inclusivity expert Beth Cox in collaboration with Confidence Coach Natalie Costa, addressing mental health in a positive framework with no shame or blame.


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