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The Outcast Chronicles

Book three of The Outcast Chronicles; the thrilling story of Imoshen, Tobazim, Ronnyn and Aravelle, continues.

The Outcast Chronicles follows the fate of a tribe of dispossessed mystics. Vastly outnumbered by people without magical abilities, they are persecuted because ordinary people fear their gifts. This persecution culminates in a bloody pogrom sanctioned by the king who lays siege to the Celestial City, last bastion of the mystics. When the city falls, the mystic leader negotiates their surrender and her people are exiled from their homeland. 
     Banished and forced to set sail on the first day of winter, Imoshen’s people are packed onto seven crowded ships, where Tobazim must control violence-hardened warriors. Meanwhile Ronnyn and his sister, Aravelle, have been separated, just as they feared.
     With the overcrowding, winter storms brewing and sea-raiders drawn by rumour of great wealth, tension grows on the ships. In desperation, Imoshen announces they have been offered sanctuary with the Sagora Scholars. But, although she sent the Sagoras a message, they haven’t replied. Ronnyn and Aravelle thought they would be safe once they joined people, but they face storms, raiders and an uncertain future.

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