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Revealing the Invisible

How Our Hidden Behaviors Are Becoming the Most Valuable Commodity of the 21st Century

Published by Post Hill Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Revealing the Invisible provides a front-row seat to the mind-blowing future, where businesses of the 21st century can read consumers’ minds and make informed decisions based on their behaviors and tendencies.

The world is at the precipice of a disruptive new era in which the ability to track every behavior will predict our individual and collective futures. Using artificial intelligence to analyze trillions of once-invisible data (behaviors) across vast digital ecosystems, companies and governments now have unimagined insight into our every behavior.

Although making private behaviors “visible” may conjure a sense of 1984, the reality is that a new kind of value will emerge that has the power to radically alter the way we view some of the most basic tenets of business. Concepts such as brand loyalty will be turned on their heads as companies now have to find ways to prove their loyalty to each individual consumer.

In addition, the emergence of hyper-personalization and outcome-driven products may begin to solve some of the most pressing and protracted problems of our time.

And it’s not just human beings whose behaviors are being captured and analyzed. AI-powered autonomous vehicles, smart devices, and intelligent machines will all exhibit behaviors. In this very near future every person and digital device will have its own cyberself—a digital twin that knows more about us than we know about ourselves.

Farfetched? Only if you discount the enormous power of these new technologies, which will use the invisible patterns in all of our behaviors to develop an intimate understand of what drives, us, where we see value, and how we want to experience the world.

Revealing the Invisible shows businesses how to predict consumer behavior based on customers’ prior tendencies, allowing a company to make better decisions regarding growth, products, and implementation.

About The Author

Product Details

  • Publisher: Post Hill Press (June 5, 2018)
  • Length: 352 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781682616192

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Raves and Reviews

"A deep dive into the implications of AI —offers a clear and positive perspective of what the future will look like as we transition from the Industrial Age."

– Jim Champy, New York Times Bestselling Author

"An invaluable perspective on the promise and the challenge of a future driven by intelligent machines."

– Dan Hoeyer, CEO Leaders Excellence Harvard Square

"Revealing the Invisible is a smart and entertaining look into an important shift in our economy and society: our behavior is getting digitized, which means that everything we buy and use can be personalized based on knowledge of what we do. Thomas Koulopoulos guides the reader through the surprising repercussions of this move from an economy of mass production to one where the consumer is surrounded by objects and services that are getting a lot smarter and adapting themselves to the individual."

– Chris Nicholson, CEO Skymind

"Through a curious yet simple review of socioeconomic and technological (among others) trends of the last couple of centuries, and their effect on our lives, Revealing the Invisible challenges the reader to imagine and predict what the next chain of events could be. By being well researched, thorough, but also ambitious and bold, Revealing the Invisible takes you on a journey that while its destination may be proven wrong in 100 years, it is robust, easy to follow, thought provoking and eye opening."

– Paris Anatolitis, Head of Gaming GVC London

"Revealing the Invisible is a brilliant analysis of the current paradigm shift in business and society when it comes to making use of behavioural data. The authors demonstrate with hard evidence the rise of the value of behavioural data as the 'new oil.' The authors think beyond the current state of affairs and extrapolate current trends into the future when it comes to the convergence of human and machine behaviour. A must read, not just for every data and analytics expert, but for every future-facing business executive who wants to stay on the forefront of the current data revolution."

– Thomas Hirschmann, CEO/Founder at Braingraph

"Actionable insights for those who wonder both about and want to skate where the puck is going to be in regards to the imminent technological and automation disruption of the global economic and social status quo."

– Apostolos Papadopoulos, Harvard Medical School

"Forward leaning, pragmatic and bravely optimistic, Revealing the Invisible opens our minds. A thinking dynamite that reveals and deconstructs the fact that 'understanding behavior is the killer app of the 21st century.' Kudos to Thomas and George for their bold look on a topic that troubles us a lot, when we need it most. An invaluable eye-opener."

– Christos Charpantidis, Philip Morris International, Managing Director

"Revealing the Invisible is going to fill the deep gap of a modern, relevant, and mind-blowing analysis on this critical area. It uncovers the shadowy sides of the Invisible via the angle of view and the scientific tools of the 21st century."

– Stathis Haikalis, Chairman, Edelman Greece

"Not since Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat has an author so skillfully described the challenges the opportunities of 21st Century technology."

– Barry P. Chaiken, MD, MPH, CEO, DocsNetwork, Ltd.

"Tom Koulopoulos has done it again: transformed big, complex ideas and big data into a book that is accessible, enlightening, and thoughtful. Revealing the Invisible covers essential ground for those grappling with the impacts of technology on our work and live - in other words, all of us."

– Christine Bader, Author, The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist: When Girl Meets Oil

"'Invisible' innovations are already changing how we live - ultimately will it be for better or for worse? Koulopoulos takes a deep look behind the curtain of what is shaping our future world and envision what the next era may look like (spoiler alert: no flying cars). If you wonder how far off the world portrayed by Minority Report, Her & Black Mirror really is, then this book is a must read."

– Bridget Fahrland, SVP, Client Strategy, FLUID

"Revealing the Invisible provides a brilliant thought avenue which everyone who is using any online medium should explore: the idea that data is now a commodity which will help power the AI uber machines of the future. Whoever understands the value and implications holds the key to some of the most important shifts to change the years to come; this book can help you get there."

– Alexandra Spiliotopoulou, Digital Strategy Lead at Merkle Periscopix

"As a marketer, I love to people watch. Passively watching strangers do their shopping, dating, eating and talking. This has always been part of my marketing training. Physical observational research is set to become outdated though. Thomas Koulopoulos and George Achillias startlingly explain how our [invisible] behaviors will become the most valuable commodity in the 21st century, so we won't physically observe it. A must read for all marketers and people watchers."

– Darren Oddie, Strategy Director, Wipro Digital

"As we enter a new era, we are being told that our data/attention/time is the new currency. But it all comes down to our behavior. Learning how to behave is learning how to navigate. But first, we need to see the invisible spectrum, where the future is being shaped—a combination of Plato's cave and Elon Musk's R&D labs. That's where this book comes in handy."

– Maria Kokidou, Content & Innovation Strategist at Foundation

"A higher probable future. Visible or not."

– Filippos Zakopoulos, Partner at Foundation

"Humans have always craved for crystal balls, the holy grail of insights into future selves and the future world. Yet now, we seem to be closer than ever. Will big brother be watching us all the time? Will he be able to control us more than before? Will he be able to protect us better? And if machines ever match human intelligence, will we be able to control them? Koulopoulos and Achillias deliver excellent cognitive gymnastics for those who seek answers to create their own version of the truth."

– Piotr Chmielewski, Director of Business Development at ADB

"In the same engaging manner with which he speaks, Tom provides a compelling view of what will actually matter in the future. Revealing the Invisible is the book you need: a well researched, fact-based, understandable guide to how our behaviors are the key to unlocking the future potential in both our lives and in the workplace."

– Robby Riggs, Author, Counter Mentor Leadership: How to Unlock the Potential of the 4-Generation Workplace

"The abundance of trails that we leave behind every day is reshaping the ways we interact with our digital environment and the way it interacts with us. Big data, AI, behavioral economics, are everywhere. And there is more to come. Revealing the Invisible is trying to put all these things into context. A long overdue attempt to reshape perceptions and understanding of technology that will change everything we knew so far about human behavior. A definite must for everyone working in business, marketing, finance, pretty much anyone trying to figure out how the 4th industrial revolution is being implemented."

– Stavros Kontaksis, CEO, Giraffes in the Kitchen

"Koulopoulos and Achillias new book is a tour-de-force on the next stage of Human-Machine relationships and what it means for the social and economic enterprise. Like a pro-boxer the book delivers punch after punch, anecdote after anecdote, fact after fact, until you plead submission and accept what you already knew but weren't sure how to articulate. The invisible impact of AI and Autonomous devices cannot be overstated. If even just one CEO reads this book and fundamentally pivots his business model, nay, changes the business to a new industry, this book will have achieved what it set out to do. Wake you up."

– Suresh Kumar, Director of Engineering, Wipro

"Revealing the Invisible is a future-focused analysis rooted in a firm grasp of the past. The book addresses the fundamental shift to consumer-as-commodity. It traces this transition historically and in doing so lays a balanced foundation of where the future could go. Tom and George avoid both generalization and speculation in his approach, seeking to understand, objectively, the pros and cons of the new status quo of the individual as the product. In doing so, they surpass the reductionist analyses that praise without question or rabidly resist the unfolding future. Tom and George pave a sober middle ground to interpreting future progress in terms of overall net benefits. A must read to those looking for a thoughtful and nuanced analysis of future trends."

– Matthew Bemis, EY

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