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Republic, Not a Democracy

How to Restore Sanity in America

Let Adam Brandon, one of America’s leading activists, explain the past, the present, and the future of American conservatism—from Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan to the rise of the Tea Party and the fight against Obamacare to the election of Donald Trump and his battle to drain the swamp in Washington—and offer advice from his unique perspective on how to bridge the generational and political divides in the United States for a better future.

As president of the country's largest free-market grassroots advocacy organization, FreedomWorks, Adam Brandon has worked for years to advance the causes of liberty and freedom. Throughout his life—from a childhood in the Midwest exposed to multiple political viewpoints, to foreign service abroad in Northern Ireland and Poland, to moving to Washington, DC and becoming a part of the swelling grassroots movement that led to the Tea Party and, eventually, Donald Trump's presidency—he has seen time and again the value of personal responsibility and self-government, and has fought for economic and civil liberties and individual freedoms the whole way as a libertarian grassroots activist. 

Now, he's ready to share the many lessons he's learned throughout his time in politics by examining formative moments that shaped his worldview and life, with chapters on subjects such as:

  • the early days of the Tea Party
  • ways activists can make politics into a living
  • the rise of Trump
  • how grassroots activists can work to create lasting and meaningful change
  • what's at risk for America and Western civilization if current political and ideological trends continue
A Republic, Not a Democracy is an essential resource for anyone seeking to understand the state of modern politics, for anyone who wants to use grassroots activism to make a difference in the world, and for anyone who wonders about what the future holds for America and its citizens.