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Reinventing Everything

How Bioengineering is Creating a World of Plenty

Discover how new advances in biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and regenerative design are solving global problems by enabling us to produce everything we need sustainably.

Biotechnology is changing everything…again. Thanks to new gene editing techniques, as well as advances in biodesign and neuroscience, we have the power to create unlimited resources and materials, more sustainably than ever before. Artificial intelligence and regenerative design are already combatting extreme climate, solving water and food scarcity, and extending lives. Most importantly, this new “bioeconomy” will be animal-free, waste-free, and energy-efficient, dramatically changing how we farm, build, feed, clothe, and heal the world.

Drawing on insights from biodesigners, bioengineers, neuroscientists, sustainability experts, and more, Reinventing Everything offers an accessible primer on the brighter future that’s just around the corner.

Sputnik Futures is a strategic futures consultancy that has provided strategic foresight consultation to cross-category multinational corporations for over twenty-six years. Sputnik has a public archive of original video interviews with global thought leaders, from Nobel Prize laureates to acclaimed innovators. They are the founders of Alice in Futureland®, a new media platform of books, podcasts, and events discovering the human potential at the intersection of art, science, technology, and culture.

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